Imprints on pens, imprints on pencils – create tools that increase promotion

No advertising gadget will fulfil its function if it is not personalized. Personalized products can represent their company itself, but also a specific product, brand, or service, and can attract recipients’ attention with a unique slogan or pattern. Imprints on pens and pencils are inherent in the process of creating promotion supporting tools.

In AdPen, we connect products with their purpose. We offer many writing tools turned into effective content carriers. We mark pens and pencils with provided patterns and according to different aesthetic concepts. We use decorating techniques which best apply to the surface of pens and pencils. We use pad printing, screen printing, and laser engraving. Some pen models, e.g. El Primero, can also be decorated with polymer stickers.

Imprints on pens – different techniques, different effects

Pens are so similar to one another, and yet so different. Even the smallest changes in their size and body shape require using different imprint techniques. You also need to consider the material the pen is made of and its surface type, depending on its possible roughness or unevenness. The design itself is also important, as well as the choice of the most suitable marking method.

When marking plastic, metal, and paper pens, we mostly use pad and screen printing. In case of a multicolour pattern, we choose the first mentioned method; using screen printing, we can print only single-colour patterns.

Another important aspect is the precision of printing patterns. Screen printing works well for less complicated designs. High precision in printing small elements can be however achieved with pad printing. Such good effects can also be achieved with the use of laser engraving, which, however, is limited to metal pens.

Imprints on pencils – proven marking methods

Printing methods such as pad and screen printing, work well for advertising pencils, as wood is an easily markable material. Effects are more than satisfactory!