Imprinted pens

Many models, multiple possibilities

Plastic advertising pens are the biggest group of products in our offer. It certainly shows our customers’ preferences. Writing tools made of plastic are often the best advertising gadgets.


Some people may think that an advertising pen made of plastic is too popular and too frequently used to be surprising, but that’s not true. Everything is a matter of invention and the pattern that can be applied on a pen, and plastic is a very good material for such purposes. Have a look at our El Primero and see its great marketing outcomes which can be achieved with it and its large imprint area and the use of a clip. Our plastic advertising pens also include Touch Pen – a very modern model with a soft tip to be used on touch screens.

Plastic advertising pens – aesthetic diversity

We offer pens in many shapes – delicate and slender, bigger and wider ones. The offered colour options for these pens allow you to choose models which best suit different aesthetic concepts. What is more, patterns often include distinctive elements – different in their shape and colour. Interesting clips, rings, unusual upper or lower body parts. When combined with an imprint, it can all create great visual effects.

Advertising pens with an imprint

Plastic is a material that works well with different printing techniques, especially the multicolour ones. It allows for more pen personalization possibilities. We mark these pens with one or many colours, using pad or screen printing, as well as polymer stickers.

Cheap and slightly more costly advertising pens

In AdPen, you can find pens which not only meet different aesthetic needs but also fit different budget capabilities. It is worth checking our current special offers to be even more satisfied with your choice.

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