Engraved pens

Show your appreciation to your customers

We often look for advertising gadgets which are exceptionally elegant and durable. We want them to be different than just standard plastic pens. This is especially important if we want to give them as a gift to show how important the recipient is for us. Or when we – as a company or a brand – see ourselves on a higher level. Engraved advertising pens are perfect for such purposes.


Engraved pens – when will they work best?

When choosing promoting gadgets, we should remember about the general impression that they create. Engraving, as a pattern technique, is associated with something more refined. Thus, an engraved pen is considered something more valuable.

A lot depends on the level we see our brand and our customers on. An engraved advertising pen will represent such values and characteristics as elegance, durability, solidarity, style, and high quality. It is a lot easier to make a customer feel appreciated or even special with such an advertising gadget. Engraved pens better correspond to a premium segment than plastic pens with an imprint.

Pens with name printing – a great gift

Even the smallest things can make you smile when you see that they have been created specially for you. Pens with a name engraved on their body are a great gift for someone. Engraving can also include a motto, brief wishes, or a decorative symbol. Such a pen is a gift in good taste which can be used in everyday life.

Advantages of engraved advertising pens

Apart from matters related to one’s image, you should also notice other advantages of using pen engraving. The best idea is to use metal pens for that purpose because, when it comes to their design, they look perfect when combined with a decorating technique. It is not only aesthetics that is important here. The patterns are created with the use of laser engraving characterized by its durability. What is more, such patterns are meticulously close to their original. The exceptional precision of a laser beam allows for engraving even the smallest elements. Great esthetics, durability, and precision in modelling the design – what can you possibly want more from an elegant pen?

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