Ecological pens

May the green force be with you

From now on, businesses related to ecology or nature have a great representative: an ecological advertising pen. However, these pens are not reserved only for companies of an ecological profile. Everyone who would like to use more environmentally friendly materials should think about them.


Paper ecopens

As their name suggests, these writing tools are made of paper or recycled paper. They include the simplest models with a classic tip. They are slender and lie comfortably in a hand. We also have an offer of slightly less ecological gadgets, which are more functional thanks to their switch-on mechanism. Their body is made of paper, but the head, clip, and cap tip are plastic.

Eco advertising pens are available in many beautiful colours – from intense, rich ones, through softer, more subdued, ending with black. The offer is impressive. And if we want to make the paper texture stand out, we can choose a natural brown model which looks like a packaging or recycled paper.

Ecological gadgets with an imprint

Just as other writing tools, paper ecopens work well as advertising content carriers. It seems that almost everyone pays attention whether gadget personalization is possible. We mark paper with commonly used printing methods: pad and screen printing. You can print a company logotype, an advertising slogan, or a name of a brand, company or product. The patterns will sure be aesthetic and clear; they are available in a single- and multi-colour version.

Paper ecopens – a positive surprise

Deciding whether to buy paper ecopens, you really have a lot to choose from, and we quite often surprise our customers in a positive way. Though to us paper pens are a well-known model, many people hear about them for the first time, which can be used in communication with clients, gifting them something which is bit far from standard. What is more, many people will certainly appreciate our proecological attitude.

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