Advertising pens

A solution best suited to meet your needs

Everyday use objects can be perfect marketing tools. They are small, useful, and functional. And so are advertising pens. When you look at them, you see a company, a brand, or an event right away. And we are aware of it. As a manufacturer of advertising pens, we create products which are best suited for such purposes. What can you find in our offer?


Plastic pens

The most popular and most frequently bought. Unparalleled when it comes to surface marking possibilities. We offer many models of plastic pens – classic and modern ones, with large and small imprint area, suitable both for a woman’s and man’s hand. Their shapes and colours inspire to experiment aesthetically and be creative. What’s most important, you can find a model which will best correspond to the image of your company, brand, and product.

Engraved pens

Laser engraving used to mark the pen surface is a highly precise technique. What is created by its beam – logotypes, letters, symbols, other decorations – is engraved to perfection. What is more, laser patterns are very durable. The best pens for this engraving method are metal pens. A final product is elegant and stylish. It will certainly represent the brand perfectly.

Ecological pens

Pro-ecological solutions are more commonly used also in the production of advertising gadgets. This also includes ecological pens which are made of paper, even recycled one. When it comes to their functionality, they work just as well as normal pens. They are as easy to mark with one and many colours. These items are ideal for those who want to be associated with ecology or make a conscious decision to support environmental protection.

As a manufacturer of advertising pens, we pay special attention to ensure their functionality, in order to carry content and promote values which are important for our customers. The aesthetic look of our products is combined with their durability, and their diversity allows for best adjustment to customers’ individual needs. Even such commonly used products as advertising pens should be innovative. That is why we provide new products and solutions, which make our pens better and better advertising and marketing tools.

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