Advertising pencils

A necessary equipment for your customers

Advertising pencils are considered an alternative to other writing tools.
They are natural and more environmentally friendly. However, they are not exactly an alternative, as we often simply cannot live without them. Why do we like them so much?


Using a pencil ensures great writing comfort. Many people like the fact that they can easily erase the text and write it again. What is more, there are situations when pencils simply cannot be replaced with a pen. That is why we should treat pencils as a writing tool that is as important as any other ones. A wooden pencil should be present by every customer’s side – together with a pen and not instead of it.

Their unquestionable advantage is also their price. They can be pretty cheap promotion gadgets. Advertising pencils serve well for marketing purposes – regardless of their price, which works in their favour.

Four versions of wooden pencils

Our offer includes nice, classic pencils made of light wood. Another choice could be black advertising pencils, which are exceptional and intriguing, as they slightly differ from a standard aesthetic form associated with pencils. Both colour versions can additionally have a rubber.

Wooden pencils with imprints

Wood is a material which perfectly presents all kinds of imprints, both multi- and single-coloured ones. It creates a completely different visual effect than in the case of a pattern applied on plastic. The whole product looks “warmer”, more pleasant for recipients. Light wood perfectly corresponds with many colours, serves as an ideal background which is not overwhelming. If you are looking for a more surprising combination, you may want to use a black advertising pencil with an imprint.

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